5 ChatGPT Prompts for New ChatGPT Users

By Evan Furniss
Nov 7, 2023
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Do you ever feel like you're not making the most from OpenAI's Chat GPT? After spending countless hours deep-diving into this powerful tool, I've written five transformative prompts that will revolutionize your interaction with this AI tool. Whether you're using the free version or the paid one, these prompts are sure to enhance your AI experience, making Chat GPT truly worth your time and energy.

Before we dive in, I'd like to assure you that all these prompts (plus more to come) are freely available on my website. They require no email sign-up, no credit card details, absolutely no strings attached. Literally, get them for free here.

Enhancing Your Business and Personal Skills with Chat GPT

You can view all of these in action via my YouTube video.

1. Business Plan Blueprint

A business plan lays the foundation for any successful business venture. It's the roadmap to guide you from inception to fruition, ensuring that your idea is well thought out and viable. With the Business Plan Blueprint, you get a step-by-step guide to crafting a meticulous business plan. The AI will continuously check in with you to ensure that your thought process aligns with the evolving reality of your business.

You'll be able to evaluate various areas of your business including your product or service, marketing strategies, finances, operations, and more. It's a great tool for new and established businesses alike; I personally use it to assess subtle shifts in my business over time and adjust my marketing strategies accordingly.

2. Social Media Success Kit

On successful completion of a business plan, the next step is marketing your business on social media. Crafting posts that succinctly market your business can be tough. That's why our second prompt is the 'Social Media Success Kit'.

Content pillars form the backbone of this strategy. They are big themes or categories that guide your content creation for social media. Using the Social Media Success Kit, Chat GPT will identify the most suitable content pillars for your business based on your plan, and even suggest a posting schedule for you to follow.

This not only provides a framework for your content but also establishes a rhythm of accountability. All you have to do is post within the theme for the day to keep growing your brand online.

3. Master Any Process

Continuous personal and professional growth is essential. So, the third prompt is called 'Master any Process'. This is designed for anything you'd like to learn. It works on a simple principle. You input any task or skill you want to acquire, and Chat GPT creates a detailed, step-by-step guide for you.

Whether you want to bake a cake, code a new app, cut down a tree, or become a Twitch streamer, Master Any Process has you covered. What's even better is, if you don't understand any step, ask Chat GPT to expand it, and it will provide a fully fleshed-out explanation.

4. Comprehensive Blog Builder

Writing compelling and cohesive blogs that engage your audience can be quite a task, which is why the 'Comprehensive Blog Builder' is our fourth game-changing prompt. This prompt, although long, is designed to take a topic and a brief business description from you and turn it into an engaging, sub-800-word blog. The blog comes complete with a frequently asked questions (FAQs) segment and a conclusion that makes a direct call to action for your business.

For the best results, present as specific a topic as you can, and once Chat GPT spits out your blog, personalize it to suit your audience, and add links and visuals to enhance the deliverable.

5. Prompt Architect Toolkit

Finally, we have the 'Prompt Architect Toolkit', our fifth and most powerful prompt. This unique prompt aids you in crafting your very own prompts, taking the hard work and time out of the equation.

You begin by stating your goal to the toolkit. Like "I want a prompt to help me learn basic electrical skills". The toolkit then assists you in the development of a detailed prompt, tailored to your needs, asking critical questions along the way to refine your input. Over time, you'll have a precision tool geared towards your specific needs, making even a complete beginner seem like a Chat GPT pro.


These five prompts were developed out of 20+ hours of testing and refining to ensure a rewarding user experience on Chat GPT, maximizing its potential. Don't miss out! Grab them (and more) from my website, linked in the description, absolutely free. Together, we'll build tools that truly benefit you and your business. Until next time, happy building.

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Copyright © 2023 Smooth. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2023 Smooth. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2023 Smooth. All rights reserved.